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Experience the Lush Life at Lively Miami Bars

Jan 12, 2020   //   by Fort Lauderdale Shuttle   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Any analysis of Miami nightlife surely makes South Beach its focus. This piece of high-rent real estate, recognized by streamlined Art Deco buildings, appears a siren’s call to glitterati and celebs. Their eager response is regularly a nocturnal journey to see-and-be-seen, following hours settled on the beach, in the gym, and at the showroom. In SoBe’s chic ether, already-unique Miami bars and dance clubs continually seek to out-do each other with architect interiors, top-of-the-game DJs and mystics formed around wealthy, attractive or famous supporters. Outward show – shown by exclusivity and visible splash – often considers these venues, although the velvet rope isn’t significantly stretched as tightly as it may appear at first glance. As the Mondrian’s Sunset Lounge and the Shore Club’s Skybar ably demonstrate, rooms are, by far, Miami’s most sizzling nightlife scene. These high-style bars promote courtship and friendly conversation, an irrational contradiction to the rush of movement, light, and beat at posh Miami dance clubs like The Wall and LIV.

Get to know about the best Miami Bars

Get to know about the best Miami Bars


While a large portion of the SoBe night view is as much representation as it is substance, this 16th Street watering hole offers no bones about its purpose. The Abbey is the type of site where you can experience a tall, cold pint of ale, pleasant conversation, and maybe some classic Stones or Dead playing in the environment. Hard-to-find European and microbrews imports are ready to quench your appetite all day and night, but Abbey’s own house drinks can give any of them a way for their money. They’ve got a completely stocked bar if that’s your business. You’ll enjoy their pub chow and even cigar smokers will get safe haven here.


The original Ball & Chain began in 1935, when Calle Ocho was commonly known as the Tamiami Trail, through which farmers would send oranges and other products east to the Downtown Miami area. It has lasted decades of reinvention, asking itself at one point the Ball & Chain Tavern, and working as a venue for legendary musicians like Chet Baker and Billie Holiday. These days, the Ball & Chain is once again working as a live music and dance venue, with a full bar, a nice drink menu, and tapas for when the feeling strikes. While they’re still just rising out, there’s no uncertainty that larger acts will be running the stage here in no time.

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Moving to Churchills is an adventure unlike anything else in all of Miami. Usually called the CBGB’s of South Florida, it’s the kind of place where you’ll welcome to dance to local punk groups one minute, drink while attending the World Cup during another, and then burn what you got in the back patio through a folk performance for another. Giving an extensive type of “rock and other live bands”, this British-run bar is a long-term love of the local Indie group.

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