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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Fort Lauderdale Florida During Vacations

Sep 10, 2014   //   by Fort Lauderdale Shuttle   //   Blog  //  No Comments

While thinking of going on a vacation, Fort Lauderdale Florida is a must remember famous for its beaches, arts, culture and events. From shopping on Las Olas Boulevard, to gondola rides on the canals, to a historic riverfront. Just two miles north of Port Everglades, you can experience a landscaped beachfront promenade, with its signature white wave wall and brick paved path. Across the street, visit luxury hotels, and enjoy shopping or dining or a narrated 90-minute amphibious tour of quaint Las Olas Boulevard, historical districts, and the mansions and yachts dotting Millionaires Row. Stop at the Stranahan House, a preserved 1900s home furnished with antiques of the era. Or “follow the red brick road” of Riverwalk, the landscaped park, to the Arts and Entertainment District. Trying to stay fit? Dive into the Atlantic, hike into the Everglades or enjoy a workout and healthy fare at a resort spa in Fort Lauderale Florida.

 5 Best Reasons to visit Fort Lauderdale Florida

Las Olas Boulevard

Las Olas Blvd Downtown.

I apparently wasn’t paying attention when people told me to visit Las Olas Boulevard, for some reason I thought that the section they were referring to was near the beach so we started walking and walking and walking. We finally got there, I’m not even sure how long it took, but most people will want to take the Sun Trolley or the bus to get to the section with restaurants and shops. The section closest to the beach is interlaced with canals and multi million dollar waterfront homes and boat docks. From the beach to Andrews Street is about 2 1/2 miles so it is a bit of a hike from the beach. Las Olas Boulevard is the main shopping and dining street in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Beach from the cruise ship


We didn’t spend anytime sitting on the beach but I did get to walk a long portion of it from where the 17th Street Causeway meets the beach north to Terramar Street, about halfway between Las Olas Blvd. and Sunrise Blvd., where the Fort Lauderdale Rough Water Swim race started. You can either walk on a sidewalk the whole way or you can walk along the beach. It was early in the day when I walked it so we didn’t see a lot of people but I’m guessing it gets more crowded as the day goes on. Lots of shops, restaurants and hotels along the beach which stretches the length of Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Everglades Airboat ride

One of the options post cruise was to book an airboat tour which then dropped us at the Miami airport so we opted to do that. We had a nice day for the airboat ride at the Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Our ride was probably shortened because it was affiliated with the cruise, I think it was about 1/2 hour and their website says it’s an hour tour. The first part of the tour is a thrill ride at a high speed sometimes going a bit sideways, then they cut the engine and float for a bit to do some alligator spotting. We saw two, a fairly big one and a smaller one, they don’t seem to be afraid of the boats and you are pretty close to them although it’s probably not a good idea to try and pet one.

IMAX Theater

IMAX Theater at the Museum of Discovery & Science in Fort Lauderdale Florida. The $3 million 3-D Blockbuster IMAX Theater at the Museum of Discovery & Science, is the highest attended ticketed museum in Florida. Like all IMAX’s I have been to, this one is superb!! It is a treasure of exhibits that challenge, educate and delight youngsters, built to promote the understanding and appreciation of science in children and adults. It achieves this through entertaining interaction with educational exhibits, programs and films, and with the Discovery Center opened in 1999. Designed for toddlers and pre-schoolers, the Discovery Center is a place for them to meet new friends and have fun while developing motor skills and learning basic science

undefined Water Taxi

Had it been a bit warmer, we probably would have bought a day ticket for the water taxi and explored some of the intercoastal waterway that runs through Fort Lauderdale Florida but it was a cool windy day and I didn’t think that being on the water would be all that pleasant.From the website, it looks like an all day ticket with on/off privileges is $20, no option to buy a single ticket which I think is a little odd. If you stay on the boat for a round trip tour it takes about 3 hours, another 45 minutes if you do the Hollywood route. It’s not a circular tour, rather there and back between Oakland Park Boulevard and Southeast 17th Street along the Intracoastal waterway, then west along the New River into downtown Fort Lauderdale to the Las Olas Riverfront complex.


So, this is the short compilation of the beauty of Fort Lauderdale Florida. Come and enjoy your vacations with your loved ones and have a lots of fun things to do. Good Day!

Things to do on your Fort Lauderdale Vacation

Sep 6, 2014   //   by Fort Lauderdale Shuttle   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Ready for your next vacation? Planning on visiting the beautiful sunshine state but don’t know where to go? Well here we will help you to plan your vacation and enjoy with your whole family. Here we bring you the Top 5 Things to do on your Fort Lauderdale Vacation.

Fort Lauderdale is well known for its beautiful beaches, it’s amazing weather, many cultural events and of course shopping. Oh and don’t forget the Port Everglades come a little earlier, stay a little longer, and discover that this sunny destination offers thousands of opportunities to make every moment in Greater

Fort Lauderdale a departure. So get ready because sun and relaxation time awaits you! If you are planning to arrive to the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport and are looking to go to the port everglades to take a cruise they are just two miles apart which is amazingly convenient if you are looking to get a transportation to transfer you from point to point. There are many transportation companies in Fort Lauderdale that are anxiously waiting to assist you on your transportation needs during your vacation. One of many that we like to recommend is My Florida Shuttle Bus which really offers affordable transportation and meets your transportation requirements.

Also, if you are looking to first go to your hotel or city of destination before the cruise there are many exciting things to do and we have created a TOP 5 fun to do list for you:

5 Things to do on your Fort Lauderdale Vacation

1.Seminole Hard Rock Winterfest

This winter season don’t miss the Seminole Hard Rock Winterfest 2014 Getaway. The annual Winterfest in Fort Lauderdale, Florida produces the Seminole Hard Rock Winterfest Boat Parade which is tagged the “Greatest Show on H20”. Other Winterfest activities include children’s entertainment, hot food, drink, live music, free ice skating at Tsongas Arena a hay ride, a snowman building contest, and an art show of works by local artists.

2. Deerfield beach

One of the best family favorite beaches in Fort Lauderdale is Deerfield Beach. Build sand castles and bury one another in golden sand. The city’s award-winning “Blue Wave” beach earned that designation from the Clean Beach Council, based on its excellent water quality, beach conditions, safety services, public information and habitat conservation policies.

3.Museum Of Discovery and Science

Visit the Museum of Discovery and Science. An amazing place for both you and your kids. Fun, interesting and worth your time! one of the largest museums of its kind in Fort Lauderdale, and has the most visitors of any museum in the state. The museum features its own AutoNation IMAX theater, and shows 3-D IMAX films in which viewers wear special glasses and headsets. The most popular aspects of the museum are the quantity and variety of Floridian animal species on display.

4. Las Olas Riverfront

Where to eat? Las Olas Riverfront is Fort Lauderdale’s hottest place to eat, drink and be merry! If you’re nautically inclined, feel free to pull up in your boat and dock for free!One of the best areas in Ft. Lauderdale to eat, drink, shop, and people watch. Really fun to wander down here at night because the palm trees are all lit up and it’s such a pretty area.  Plus, there’s always an attractive crowd

5.Uncle Bernie’s Amusement Park

Go with the whole family to the Uncle Bernies Amusement Park, the place where the whole family can enjoy carnival rides all year round. This amusement park is part of Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop, advertised as the second largest tourist attraction and the world’s largest indoor outdoor entertainment and bargain shopping attraction. Uncle Bernie’s Amsuement Park has a collection of amusement rides and a giant video arcade. The world’s largest Drive-In Movie Theatre with 14 screens is also located here.

We hope you have enjoyed our tips and ideas about your upcoming trip to Fort Lauderdale. Enjoy be safe and stay tuned for more travel tips and information.

Things to do when visiting Fort Lauderdale

Aug 26, 2014   //   by Fort Lauderdale Shuttle   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Are you getting ready for your next Fort Lauderdale getaway? This fort lauderdale article will help you to prepare your trip and have a great vacation time with your entire family, friends or loved ones.

Best places and things to do on your Fort Lauderdale vacation

When visiting Fort Lauderdale Florida you must know the following. Fort Lauderdale FL, is a very popular city among tourists because of its attractive beaches. Also, it has a tropical climate, several cultural events and certainly the shopping malls and outlets are amazing. Oh and do not forget the Harbor Everglades. So prepare now because the sun and leisure time awaits you at Fort Lauderdale!

If you are arriving at the Ft Lauderdale Hollywood International terminal and you’re wanting to visit the port everglades to go in a cruise; they are just two miles apart from each other which is surprisingly beneficial if you are planning to get a transfer from point to point. There are several transportation entities in Ft Lauderdale that are anxiously standing by to help you on your transportation needs throughout your trip. Check out the Free Online Quote here.

Top List when visiting Ft Lauderdale, FL

  • These winter months season do not miss the Seminole Hard Rock Winterfest Trip. http://www.winterfestparade.com/.
  • One of the best and favorite beaches of all times in Fort Lauderdale is Deerfield Seaside. Build sand castles and hide one another in its golden sand.
  • Check out the Gallery of Discovery and Science. An impressive spot for both you and your children. Enjoyable, fascinating and worth your time!
  • Where to eat? Las Olas Riverfront is Fort Lauderdale’s best location to eat, consume and be sunny! If you’re nautically inclined, really feel free of charge to locate in your boat and harbor free of cost!
  • Opt for the entire family members to the Uncle Bennies Theme park, the location where the whole family can delight in circus rides throughout the year. http://unclebernies.com/.

Don’t forget to pre-arrange your transportation when traveling to Fort Lauderdale. Click here for the most affordable Fort Lauderdale airport shuttle services within the city, to Miami Airport, Port Of Miami, Downtown Miami or even go for a sightseeing in the magical city of Walt Disney in Orlando, Florida.

Check out the VIDEO of Fort Lauderdale FL

We hope you have enjoy our pointers and ideas regarding your upcoming Fort Lauderdale Vacation in the beautiful sunshine state of Florida. We are certain that you will have the moment of your life.

If you are looking to travel to the city beautiful of Orlando, we suggest to check out the post about: Fort Lauderdale to Orlando Popular Trip. Also, stay tuned for more travel pointers and details in our Florida Travel Blog.

Fort Lauderdale Florida Beaches

Aug 22, 2014   //   by ftlauder   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Fort Lauderdale beaches

The city of Fort Lauderdale is full of great tourist destinations for visitors and residents alike! Fort Lauderdale has beautiful beaches where people can relax. Also, Fort Lauderdale’s beaches offer crystal-clear water, beautiful white sand and great tropical weather all year-round! Many travelers and tourists love the beaches of Fort Lauderdale better then the ones in South Beach Miami because they are more fun for the family.

Not only the city of Fort Lauderdale has great beaches but also, it has beautiful sightseeings, shopping malls, restaurants and lots of amazing places to visit on your next Fort Lauderdale vacation.

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Video guide of Fort Lauderdale

Enjoy your visit and have fun at the Fort Lauderdale great beaches!



Fort Lauderdale to Orlando most popular trip

Aug 14, 2014   //   by Fort Lauderdale Shuttle   //   Blog  //  1 Comment

Many tourists or locals use as a method of transportation the bus or shuttle from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando airport or anywhere in Orlando including the famous theme parks of Orlando Disney World or Universal Studios as part of their Florida vacation planning.

Fort Lauderdale to Orlando shuttle bus guide

Since it is such popular trip and many travelers use different methods of transportation, we decided to put together the most common transportation options available including air transportation and of course money saving tips as well:

By Plane: Let’s start with the most expensive way of transportation there is: AIR FLIGHT – by airplane = You may arrive at Orlando airport within 1 hour BUT, please do the math: 1 hour to arrive at airport + 20 minutes before taking off + 1 hour travel time + 30 minutes to get out of the plane and get your luggage = almost 3 hours all together. AND guess what? it will cost you an arm and a leg to travel from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando airport. Cost could be around $200 per person. So what if you are a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 kids). Again do the math.


By train: Traveling from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando by train is a pretty good method of traveling to the city beautiful. Although, the travel time averages between 5 hours to 6 hours. The cost is very affordable as well, it ranges between $40 to $80 dollars. Depending on what ticket you choose to buy.

Of course there’s a much more expensive ticket if you want to travel with luxury and very sophisticated but in reality, now a days, people are looking to save money. Won’t you agree with me on this?


By bus or shuttle: Many people choose this option because of many reasons. Let’s put an example of someone that takes the bus or shuttle from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando, it usually takes about 3 to 4 hours to arrive to  Orlando airport or Orlando International Drive. Also, the price is very affordable as well and similar to the train option.

Check out the price using the Free Online Quote system.

Advantage when taking the Fort Lauderdale to Orlando shuttle service:

  • Cost effective, very similar to the train option
  • You may choose different locations in the city of destination. For example if you’re coming from Fort Lauderdale, you may choose to be dropped off at: Orlando Airport, Orlando hawaiian court by International drive or very close to Orlando Disney World. This way, you may save money in taxi and TIME.
  • Average time is about 4 hours

transportation between orlando and fort lauderdale Best method I found to travel between cities.

Most definitely the best way of transportation from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando is the bus or shuttle method. You’ll save time and money and that’s what everyone is looking for.

Top Florida Travel Spots for the family

Jul 16, 2014   //   by Fort Lauderdale Shuttle   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Florida is full of amazing places to have wonderful vacations with your loved ones. This is one of the big reason behind a lot of visitors per year. Here we enlisted some of the top spots in Florida which must be visited with your family

The question we all might be asking ourselves is; are we there yet? Here below we bring to you a list of the Top Florida Travel Spots for the family to enjoy. So if you haven’t yet planned your next summer adventure, then keep a close look at this list to be able to decide on the best travel spot in Florida to visit.

Dream vacation

List of the Top Florida Travel Spots for the family to Visit

Amelia Island:

Best For: The outdoorsy, nature-loving family who prefers creature comforts over sleeping bags.

Stay: Amelia Island Plantation spans the entire south end of the island before merging into a state park. Its stunning 3½-mile stretch of dune-studded beach and hundreds of acres of maritime forest and marshland give the resort an unspoiled, natural feel.

Play: Start the day paddling through the salt marsh on a kayak from Walker’s Landing. At low tide you can walk around on mud flats and see dolphins, manatees and crabs (don’t worry; it’s too salty for alligators!). Next, hop on a bike or a Segway from Amelia’s Wheels to explore the seven miles of tree-canopied trails. Don’t miss the Sunken Forest with wooden overlooks for fabulous views of the Atlantic over the treetops. End the day on the meandering boardwalks at Drummond Point Park, the best place to see herons and egrets as the sun sets over the endless expanse of marshland.

Go Natural: Head to the Nature Center for children’s programs like shark-tooth hunts and crabbing with the center’s “master naturalist” Christina Nelson. Meet Rex, the red-bellied turtle, in the indoor zoo. Rent fishing rods from Amelia Angler to catch redfish and seatrout right offshore, or head to the private Aury Island, where you can go marsh fishing and the little ones can have fun on the play- ground while you wait for a bite.

Eat: Sip sweet tea and nibble on chocolate crunch cake by the lake at Marche Burette Market & Deli. In the evening, try the grouper in sauvignon-blanc sauce at the Verandah restaurant, or for some- thing more casual, go for the “best burger on the island,” served with fried green beans, at the Falcon’s Nest. On Friday nights in summer, locals gather at the Boardwalk Bash, home to $1 beers and live music. For more information, please visit: ameliaisland.com.

Naples :

Best For: The families who really enjoy that perfect mix of natural and urban beach surroundings.

Stay: Mangroves border the Naples Grande Beach Resort, where you’ll find some 23 acres of green and raised wooden walkways winding their way to the shore. (An open-air shuttle whisks you down to the beach.) Bungalows with split floor plans set in a Zen garden are ideal for families.

Play: An hour’s drive from the Everglades, Naples is a jumping-off point for trips into Florida’s most famous swamp. Everglades Excursions, with its air-conditioned van (translation: no crabby kids on a hot summer day), transports guests from Naples to the wetlands. Fly across the river of grass pro- pelled by wind on an airboat as you search for gators; wrap the half-day tour with a visit to Everglades City, the gateway to the Ten Thousand Islands. Back in town catch one of the Naples Players Youth Theatre’s summer productions—Annie101 Dalmatians and Cats—at the Sugden Theater.

Eat: The no-frills, laid-back Mel’s Diner serves chili-cheese fries, beer-battered onion rings and comfort food like buttermilk-fried chicken. If the kids want to watch boats, Pinchers Crab Shack on the Gordon River has great viewing, along with plenty of blue, king, snow and stone crabs. For more information, please visit: paradisecoast.com.


Best For: Families who can’t resist the Disney attraction but also like to explore new territory too.

Stay: Make a splash at the new Key West-themed CoCo Key Hotel and Water Resort. Fourteen water slides, a zero-entry play pool and a water-soaked jungle gym indulge all age groups. And at the family-friendly ChampionsGate nearby, float down a lazy river past shooting water cannons, while dad plays 36 holes. An infinity pool, water slide and tower round out the alfresco fun.

Play: Orlando’s latest attraction, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure, brings to life the popular children’s series with sets and thrill rides designed to immerse guests in the quirky universe created by the Harry Potter books as well as the films. Even the line for the attraction is fun as it winds though a replica of Hogwarts Castle. For those who prefer the marqueeDisney experience, Magic Kingdom reintroduces its popular Main Street Electrical Parade. While the nearly half a million lights follow Tinker Bell as she sprinkles pixie dust down Main Street.

Eat: Islands of Adventure’s Confisco Grille offers a character breakfast on Thursdays and Sundays; similar dinners take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays at the Royal Pacific Hotel’s Islands Dining Room. Just outside the theme parks, the Dessert Lady specializes in satisfying your sweet tooth—the peanut-butter pie is not to be missed!

So, if you are looking for an exciting family vacation location then one of these Top Florida Travel spots are the best choices for you. Start to plan your visit and you will have an exciting and joyful time.

Hope you like this list a lot and you can now plan your next family vacation with ease. Arrange your next family trip to either of these locations and have a wonderful time. Stay tuned for more information