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Tips to be Bed Bug Free

May 4, 2014   //   by Fort Lauderdale Shuttle   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Where ever you go you must follow some safety rules in order to have a safe and entertaining vacation. Bed bugs are some of the most irritating and problem creating creatures and many people get into problems due to them. Here we are providing you with some tips on how to save yourself from bed bugs

Since having the experience of a lifetime some years back, bed bugs getting know to be a tough and challenging thing to deal with, infesting residences and hotels and resorts, retail locations or even locations of work. Although a year-round concern, experts from the National Parasite Administration Association (NPMA) want folks to be on high alert prior to going into the active summer trip season, stating April 20th the start of Bed Bug Awareness Week. In acknowledgment of the observance, Activity Insect Control is advising people to be extra vigilant to assist in being precautious of the spread of this blood-sucking parasite. Here we will offer you great tips to be bed bug free during Florida vacations.

Helpful and Safety Tips to be bed bug FREE during Florida Vacations

“Summer is a prime-time show for bed bug problems considering that travel boosts and folks are most likely to pick up bed bugs throughout transit between areas,” All tourists are urged, to be on the watch out for these bugs when visiting any type of hotel, resorts or vacation homes.

Public alertness could begin with cautious examinations after check in at lodging holiday accommodations. Based on 2013 research studio by the NPMA and the College of Kentucky, 75 percent of pest control professionals showed that they are running into problems of bed bugs in hotels and resorts and motels in the past year. Hotels are taking a proactive stance on securing their buildings from bed bugs with strict process that consist of regular evaluations, yet guests likewise play a crucial job in bringing bed bugs problems to administration’s focus and to help limit the spread of bed pests to various other locations.

To stop an undesirable experience with bed bugs this summertime, please use these Tips to be bed bug free during Florida vacations:

–          At resorts, extensively inspect the whole area prior to unpacking, including behind the headboard and in furniture. Pull back the bed sheets and inspect the mattress seams and box springs for pepper-like spots that could be proof of bed bug activity. If you believe there is an infestation or problem, inform administration and adjustment areas immediately. Make sure the new area is not beside or straight below or above the potentially infested area.

–          Keep suitcases in plastic trash bags or safety covers throughout a resort to stop bed bugs from nesting there. Do not put them on the beds.

–          Upon returning to your house from a trip, evaluate all suitcases and other personal belongings just before bringing them into the house.

–          Clean all clothing, also those that have not been worn in hot water and completely dry them utilizing an extra-hot clothes dryer setup.

By using these easy and preventive Tips to be bed bug free during Florida vacations you will surely be protected against these undesirable little critters.  We hope you find these tips useful and enjoy your upcoming Florida summer vacations.

By following these tips you will enjoy you vacation and at the same time you will be safe from trouble causing bed bugs. Stay tuned for lots of more information