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Read four bold reviews about Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Jun 4, 2017   //   by Fort Lauderdale Shuttle   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Florida is the most mesmerizing state of America which offers countless option to its visitors. If you are here on a trip then it may able a life time opportunity to visit all these wonderful places here. Busch Garden is a well-recognized treasure of Florida which is considered an authentic place for tourism for families and individuals. To all those who wants to make their experience thrilling then this is the right place for them. In this blog you will read four bold reviews about Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

Bold reviews about Busch Gardens

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Doc-Rocketman from North Kansas City, Missouri says:
We recently went to Busch Gardens and had a great time. We almost skipped the experience because we were shocked by the entrance price of approximately $100 per person. Luckily, we found something called a City Pass which greatly reduced the price. We would highly recommend getting the City Pass, as that allowed us to see five city attractions for $100.
Rebekah G from Fort Myers, United States says:
My husband and I came here on a Saturday in May. We had a blast! We stayed from 10am until about 7pm. You can park and ride a trolley across the street to the park entrance. Or you can walk from the parking lot, it isn’t far if the trolley lines are long. The women who complained about the bad service and long line to ride across the street is silly. It is an easy walk and many people were doing just that.
James A says:
I’ve been going to Busch Gardens since I was little. The rides are awesome, the animals are great, the ambiance is always fun and it’s always a blast. Now I get to take my boys there and they have a blast now. The coasters are super fun to ride.
Tarita07 from Roatan, Honduras says:
Haven’t been here in over a decade and finally was able to bring my 5yr old. Will definitely be back this year, My son got the preschool pass (which is free until the end of the year, look it up people with preschoolers, it’s worth it) and he had a blast! We we’re able to get there early since we stayed close by and that, I feel, makes all the difference: not as many people in the park, so hardly any lines.